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So many people have talked about this already, but I found one of those yoni eggs when going through my boxes of sexy stuff the other day and my reaction was similar to when you show people a video of that hovering Bigfin squid; just NOPE! So I wanted to share a little something about it.

I bought the egg when they were trending like crazy. They are somehow seductive in their own beauty, and you do want to connect with an inner goddess or heal from using them, but I remember trying it once and it didn’t do much for me so I just put it away and forgot about it. Since then I have learnt how bad they can be if you to wear them for hours on end, or even sleep with them inside you.

So what are Yoni eggs?

An egg-shaped stone used to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and according to some it’s also filled with positive energy and love. Strengthening your pelvic floor can result in more intense orgasms and better control of your bladder. Not a bad thing. Totally doable. In fact, I’ve tried Elvie, and I recently posted a blog post about the Intensity. They are just two of many fun and SAFE toys that will help your PC muscles get harder better faster stronger.

With the Yoni egg, you are meant to insert it like a tampon. Then you go about your day whilst using your muscles to keep the egg inside you. Most eggs also have a small drilled hole in it so that you can attach a string to get it out easier. There are many healthy ways to strengthen your pelvic floor, but using a stone this way is not one of them. Your pelvic floor muscles are not meant to contract continuously; kegel exercise is not just about the contraction, the relaxation is also a very important part of it.

Also, some of these crystals can be porous, allowing bacteria to get inside them which can cause yeast infections and even toxic shock in some cases.

When these eggs became crazy popular people were talking about how they would keep them in for hours, even sleep with them. Ladies, seeking strength and happiness in crystals is fine! But please be careful when it comes to putting them inside you. Use proper products made for this, and do not use them for too long.

If you want a Yoni egg for your PC muscles or positive energy, make sure to buy one that is completely smooth, with no cracks or cuts. You do not want it to dissolve or rust inside you! Also, do not use them for too long. If you are after the spiritual healing I would suggest using the egg as a massage tool or to stimulate your clit. You can also find Yoni wands; well, dildos, that aren’t meant to be kept inside for hours – a better option I would say!

Rock on.