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We have talked about sexy summer tips once already, but I just keep stumbling upon more great ones to share with you. Here in Brighton (and back home in Gothenburg) there is a heat wave going on, so I´m sure a lot of you are suffering from not giving any fucks about being naked and sweaty with other people.

But hey, if you like me still need to be satisfied on a regular basis I have some lazy tips for you.

In my previous post, I listed ice cubes, cooling lube and getting it on outside. Well, what about if you´re so damn warm that you just can´t be that crazy and creative?

Then I hope you keep a great sex toy and an electric fan close to your bed. Personally, I love a strong vibrator if I want it quick and easy with no effort. My new Mini Magic Wand is great, and since it´s small I can bring it with me to the beach. (IF you bring toys to the beach remember not to leave them in the sun for too long, much like your phone or your dog – they will suffer!)

My Doxy Wand Massager is always doing the job as well; that thing is powerful! Using an effective toy on those days when you just cannot get out of bed due to the heat will still give you what you want with little effort.

Another great tip is to use a glass dildo. You can put the toy in cold water before using it for a sexy cold session. Glass toys work the same way if you´re freezing. Just stick the dildo in warm water before using it.

Into shower sex? Have you ever enjoyed a cold shower with your favourite toy or lover? Showering with someone is a great way to save water, get a good foreplay going and cooling down on those hot summer days.

If you don’t have a cooling lube at home, and it´s just to warm to go to the nearest store, just stick your lube in the fridge for a little while before using it.

My last tip is to sleep naked. I always do this, but if you don’t; try it! It keeps you cooler AND gives your partner easy access to your naked body. A little goodnight cuddle can easily lead to sex if you’re both already naked, and that skin-on-skin contact helps strengthen the bond between you. Sleeping naked is also great for your skin; let it breathe! And for men, the cooler sleeping conditions helps keep your sperm healthy and your reproductive systems functioning as normal. For women, the cooler and airier sleeping conditions can actually help prevent yeast infections.

Enjoy the heat, you guys!