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After being super busy with work I’m back with yet another product review. And this toy is no ordinary, boring thing either; it’s a clitoral sucking vibrator from Paloqueth. You might remember that I’ve written about another version of these guys before, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation, and how much I liked it? To this day I still use it a lot, so I was very excited to try a different make with the same kind of air pulsation techniques.

The “Sucking Vibrator with Sonic Technology” comes with an unnecessarily long, and not a very sexy name, but other than that it’s quite impressive. You simply place the nozzle on your clit and lean back whilst this little guy gives you some mind-blowing oral sex. Or place it on your nipples for a tickling sensation.

How is it compared to the penguin?

I feel like I must compare the two; the penguin sits better in your hand and doesn’t feel as plastic somehow. It’s on/off button, as well as manoeuvring through its settings is easier due to the soft button. Whilst the intensity on the penguin can be controlled, the one from Paloqueth stays on the same level but offers 7 different patterns. I don’t care for patterns, but I’m super impressed with its actual suction; this one is strong! If you prefer your toy to give you nice foreplay before getting down to business, you might find this one a bit too intense, but I just love it! The nozzle is softer and has a better shape than the penguin, and the overall look is good even though it’s not as cute.

I find these products to be such good “instant orgasm” devices. There really is something to this technology. I honestly have no other toys with the same success rate of instantly putting me in the mood and wanting more. Every woman should have a toy like this!

Final words

The product is described as whisper quiet. It is not. It’s actually quite loud! If you are worried about thin walls and people being able to hear you this toy might not be for you, BUT it’s waterproof so you can always bring it into the shower.

Like I said I would recommend all women to get a toy with air pulsation techniques, and this one, in particular, I can recommend if you are into strong vibrations and want something cheaper than other brands on the market. At 30 dollars it has a much more reasonable price tag than the penguin that will cost you 50.

Get it here

Oh, and stay tuned! My boyfriend is testing the Paloqueththe Rotating Masturbator Cup – the review will be out soon.