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When asking Siri in my phone to talk dirty to me, Siri replies with compost, silt and gravel. Or tells me my carpet needs vacuuming. When someone asks me to do it, I struggle.

I find it difficult not to repeat myself every time. And I feel it’s easy to end up like some kliché porno soundtrack.

BUT I do have some tips if you feel the same way, and if you’re already good at it – then please write me an email for inspiration!

I love it when my partner talks dirty to me so I want to be good at it for him. It´s a way for him to tell me what he wants and if I’m doing it right. Even if I’m enjoying myself it’s so much better knowing that he loves it too.

One good tip is to simply let the other person feed you the lines. Ask your lover to tell you what they want to do to you in great detail and then go with it. See how this is smart? You opened the conversation and can now follow up on the things that are being said with kisses, moaning and ”I’de like that very much”

Another easy way out is saying ”I love it when you…” Let your partner know that you like their game by highlighting things that turn you on. This is very nice for your partner to hear, and guarantee that you’ll get more of that treatment.

”I want you to…” kiss me, fuck me harder, hold me, use me, ride me, suck my cock and so on. Whatever you like. And if your lover is already working their magic on you an ”oh yes, keep doing that” is simple and sexy and lets the other person know that you are really into it.

Oh and if you have the dirty talk down, but feel embarrassed trying to actually spit it out, try role play! Becoming someone else can help a lot! Read more about role play here