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I’ve tried The Frenchman and The tennis coach. Smile Makers have also created The surfer, The millionaire and The fireman

These pastel gentlemen are smooth as can be. Made with body-safe silicone in the cutest design I wanted to try them. And I wanted to like them.

The Frenchman is a tongue-shaped clitoral vibrator. It’s said to bend and flex to mimic the effect of a tongue. A very stiff tongue if you ask me.

I LOVE a good session of oral sex, but this French dude needs to work on his game. The vibrations are too soft, and the man himself too small. I think with some more power in him those pulsations might reach all the way through his somewhat stiff tongue, but it’s just not doing it for me. However he did get a second chance when being invited to a threesome with myself and my man, and it turned out that he might prefer the D! His tongue works well softly vibrating up and down a penis. So with our French friend turned gay we keep him in our collection.

He is easy to clean, body-safe and have 4 speeds and 1 pulsation mode. The battery lasts for 4 hours.

I also tried The tennis coach; a G-spot vibrator. This dude is just too gentle and small for me. He comes with one more pulsation mode than his French friend, but he still can’t get me going.

If you’re into soft tickling vibrations, this brand is great. For me, I need more power. I do however want to say that the look of the products is lovely, the price affordable and that the vibrators are very quiet. I’m looking forward to the next generation of Smile Makers; perhaps a big sweaty lumberjack and a disciplinary daddy.