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Let’s be honest. You’re super sweaty, your face has melted off, and your tits are hanging by your knees. Not your best look. But hey, you still need to get that workout done.

I never go the gym; sneakers and those tights are just not my thing, but I still like to get active and when melting away in the heat, nothing beats a little slow grinding to burn off a few calories and get your day started on a good note. Why we don’t always walk around with a little bullet in our handbags I do not know, but make sure to pack one this summer. Most sex toys today are waterproof so pack a discreet one in your beach bag. That way you reach satisfaction whilst you cool off in the water or the shade under a tree.

Another tip is to use a cooling lubricant if you’re into outdoor sex. It’s perfect for a warm summers evening. Are you feeling so hot that further cooling is needed? If so an ice cube is a good trick. Bring some in your picnic bag! Put an ice cube or piece of fruit in your mouth before treating your partner to some ice cold oral sex. It’s a whole other sensation and feels great on your junk! Even better are frozen strawberries or pieces of melon – perfect to melt on your partner’s skin before eating them. Be sure to make your fruit or ice cubes wet before giving someone a massage; you don’t want ice sticking to sensitive skin.

Look, I’m unsure if I violate the law by encouraging outdoor sex but what heck, just be sure not to disturb anyone.

If you don’t want to roll around in public a good tip is to book a hotel for the night. There sure is something special with perfect ironed sheets and room service. Surprise your lover with a night away to really relax and enjoy each other. It’s proven that getting out of your home and your own bed can be refreshing and add some spice to a relationship.