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Ok, having sex with someone 5 meters away may not sound sexy, I admit that. But hear me out. With the ‘Addicted’ Love Egg from So Divine, your partner can operate a remote controlled vibrator while it’s inside you. You might be ordering a beer at the bar, getting your keys from a hotel reception, sitting on a bus or just laying there watching Netflix. You know, as long as you stay within reach of the remote control. Enjoying its subtle vibrations when you have no control can add some spice to things. 

I’ve had similar love eggs before. Most of us are familiar with the concept; a vibrator shaped like an egg is inserted into your vagina and you can then hand over a small remote control to your partner who’s now in charge of the speed and patterns of the vibrations it makes.

I will start by saying this: I’m not a huge fan it’s internal vibrations. Not that I don’t enjoy the feeling, it’s just that they don’t bring me to climax. However, even if this toy won’t make me orgasm when inside me, it’s still fun and damn sexy to take it out in public! I prefer variants of this concept with stronger vibrations, and where the shape of the vibrator reaches up on to my clit, BUT my partner and I still enjoy taking toys out with us, and this is a great little product that will give you that thrill of having a fun sexy secret. It can make for a very flirty start to an evening.

And I will add this: You can use the toy without the remote control by simply pressing a button on the actual egg to find the right setting for you. You could also use it in this way as a small and gentle vibrator – this will give you that sweet clitoral stimulation you might crave.

The egg is smooth, made of soft silicone, and is free from latex and phthalate. It has 3 Speeds and 7 pulsating patterns that are all quiet; making it super discreet when you bring it out to play.

The ‘Addicted’ Love Egg also comes with a cute little pouch for storage so you can keep it in your bag at all time, only to whip out the remote control whenever the right person to give you some hands-free sex is around.

Final thoughts

For me, this toy is made for foreplay. When in bed, I prefer something stronger. But I really do enjoy the excitement of having fun with my partner when we go out. Trust me, having a sexy secret between you like this creates fun shared memories and puts you both in the mood for more when you get home.

If your partner has a penis and also wants some vibrations in his pants, try combining your love egg experience with something for him at the same time. You can get a vibrating cock ring such as Verge by We-vibethat way you can really get each other going on a night out.

Products by So Divine can be found in Superdrug, Boots, ASDA, Tesco, etc. Or you can buy your love egg here.