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Paloqueth sent my boyfriend their Rotating Masturbator Cup to try and to compare to the other masturbation toys we sometimes get out to play with. Although we have several, this thing was on a whole new level.

I think we both felt a little nervous about him using it the first time; it almost looks like a blender! The toy has 10 spinning patterns as well as 5 different speeds that made it look like it could do some damage.

The textured nubs in the sleeve will caress and stimulate your penis using different speeds and patterns that are easy to change using the digital control pad. You need a generous amount of water-based lube to make the experience pleasurable and to avoid any chafing. The silicone nubs are definitely on the firm side.

Since we enjoy using toys together, we explored me holding and controlling it, cycling through the different patterns until we found one he liked. Whilst I ALWAYS prefer the standard vibrate setting over any of the other modes on my toys, he actually found a pattern that worked best for him. With your cock inside, it will rotate around it in either direction. The rotation was a different experience to how we would normally stimulate him through either foreplay or sex but it was not an unpleasant one. We found that by also moving it up and down his cock, the experience was pretty intense.

If you plug in a pair of headphones you can ”enjoy” the moaning of six different women whilst using the toy. However, this feature made us laugh and we quickly turned it back off. We both felt that this gizmo cheapened the experience.

The design

Overall the toy looks pretty sleek, and could probably be mistaken for a kitchen device with the lid on. Since the silicone material is see-through it doesn’t look like a vagina or any other sort of masturbator that we have used. It is not at all human looking but we thought that was actually an interesting quirky positive. It is a cool, futuristic item to have in the collection. It is easy enough to hold, feels sturdy (you can definitely use it vigorously with no issue of it splitting) and you can easily take it apart for cleaning.

If you only have one male masturbation toy in your collection then maybe this is a little intense but if you are partial to a firmer/rougher experience and want something that is a step above the norm then this could very well be the product for you.

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