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A: I would recommend a masturbation egg by Tenga Wavy. It’s small and therefore easy to take with you. It’s easy to clean and it’s cheap. The eggs come with different patterns on the inside to give you pleasure. Gotta catch em all! However they do tend to get a bit worn out and deformed after a few times, but Tenga Wavy also make ”hard-boiled eggs” in a stronger material.  They will last you a few handjobs longer.

When the egg is used with a lot of lube it feels amazing. It turns a handjob from something that is normally the last on the list to something that is a great part of your sex life. The feel of the material is great and when you vary your grip and hand position it can change the feeling to mimic a blowjob or even intercourse, something I didn’t expect from such a small toy. It allows you to put more pressure on the head of your cock which is a great feeling.

Because it is so simple and easy to use, discrete and easy to clean, it is definitely something to keep by the bed or take with you if you’re going away on your own.