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A: Yum! Different kinds of oils as long as they are not spiced!

Olive oil is a classic that works fine! Coconut oil also does the job, but avoid nut oils if you are allergic. If you are NOT allergic however I would like to linger on coconut oil a bit longer; several of my friends, and I, are routing for this product. It smells amazing, as a lubricant it last and it’s the best when frying your lover some breakfast eggs. If you’re not into the whole digging around in a messy glass jar, the sweet couple at ’The Skinny Confidential’ created a coconut oil lube.
Super Instagram-friendly packaging and made from only four ingredients. All of them good for you and your junk.

Keep in mind that oils can damage the rubber material in condoms which increases the risk of the condom breaking. So protect yourself in other ways if you’re grabbing your lubricants from the kitchen.

If you venture from the kitchen cupboard, oils in other forms such as Vaseline, baby oil and skin cream (without perfume) are also great for the job.