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A: Just for you girlfriend I’ve tried two different products that are said to give you some sexy cravings back. Intimate Spray from Nature Calling provides a varied hot and cold effect. Can be used on your clitoris, nipples or other intimate places, and you’ll feel the sensation in only a few seconds. The spray is also neat to use when giving oral sex; it reacts if you blow it on it.


I also tested Natural Arousal Oil from ON that will give a warming and tingling feeling which will make it easier to reach an orgasm. The effect should last for up to 45 minutes (although I’m not so sure about this). This oil works wonders during oral sex though. Put a small amount on your tongue to make your partners junk taste of cinnamon and it makes your mouth water A LOT!

Both of these products are fun to add to your love affair with yourself or others, but I didn’t get the ”instant horny” feeling you’re asking for.

Actually, I’m thinking that maybe you should try something else. Completely removing sex from the table for a little while can be a solution if the lack of lust is due to stress. Make time for foreplay only, every day if possible. It can help encourage you to pamper yourself which might turn things around a little. More importantly, it can be a tease, keep holding yourself back until you feel like you need to reach that big O more than anything.

Another good tip to get started mentally is to think back on the times you had really good sex. When your head is full of sexy memories the rest of the body usually wants to be involved. Keep it going during the day with filthy text messages to your partner, telling them everything you want to do with them after work. And try masturbating more. The more orgasms you get, the more you are reminded of how good they feel and the hornier you will be.