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A: Ok, provided that this is about what makes you feel good and comfortable when it comes to sex, the best way forward is always to talk!

Although it may feel strange to instruct him with a pointer in the bedroom, you will not get far if you don’t tell or show him how you want it. Touch yourself to show him how you like it.  Masturbate in front of him, or hold his hand so you are doing it together.

Another good thing that comes from masturbating together is that you’ll get free tips on how to touch him. Not every man likes it the same way, and not all women. Maybe he is touching you in a way that has worked well for him in the past, or because he thinks that’s how you want it. He cannot read your mind, poor boy, so you will simply have to talk to him.

Think of what you would like him to do if you ever feel lost when it comes to pleasing him, would it not be best if he told you, or even better, showed you?

His feelings will not be hurt if you tell him kindly like ”I love that, could you do it faster?” or ”Could you try doing this?” Explain that you are invested in making your sex life better for the both of you, and tell him when it feels nice, he’ll pick up on it!

Her tip: I LOVE it when my man uses his hands and tongue. Honestly, I purr! I find it best to tell him when it feels amazing, even if it’s often in moans rather than words. He seems to understand!