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It makes me giggle thinking about my previous job in an office back in Gothenburg. Whenever we wanted some girl-time we just had to mention period blood and the men fled the scene. A silly reaction to something so natural and healthy! Well, I thought I’ll do some research on period sex. I learnt a few things, I found two cool must-try gadgets and I wanted to share it all with you.

Since my hormones are going crazy before and during my period I sometimes get super horny, other times I just want to be left alone. I’m charming like that.
So let’s start by establishing that if you want sex during your period that’s all fine and dandy. It’s natural, it’s good for you, and it’s in no way harmful or gross. If you feel like a bloated balloon and everything hurts and all you want is to crawl under your duvet and eat chocolate, that’s fine too.

Any benefits from having period sex?
Whilst I have experienced sex to help with headache, I didn’t know it could help with period pain as well. But apparently, orgasms release dopamine and endorphins, which can relieve your period cramps. Wonderful!

I also learnt that muscle contraction during an orgasm push out the uterine contents faster which could result in shorter periods.

I tend to feel more receptive to touch during this time, and I become a big fan of cuddles and hugs. So if you feel the same way during your period, chances are that some nice soft sex or a good vibrator will do you wonders.

But it’s so messy!
If you are so worried about staining the sheets that you can’t finish here are a few tips:
Put a towel on the bed beforehand.
Use a condom. This is a good tip anyway since blood-borne diseases are more likely to transfer during period sex, and even if the risk is small you CAN get pregnant.

Keep some wet-wipes close to your bed or get it on in the shower.

And if you are not into penetration during your period, oral sex might still be on the table. You can keep your tampon or menstrual cup inside to avoid any mess, but if your partner is down with Aunt Flo then you can relax knowing that it’s totally fine getting period blood on their tongue.

Those cool products
It can be an awkward moment when you have to excuse yourself in the middle of foreplay to remove your tampon. I find it a bit weird leaving my man in the bed whilst I go deal with that whole process, and so I went online to search for solutions. I haven’t tried any of these options myself but would love to hear from you if you have!

Behold the Ziggy cup.
On the website, it says ”Made with medical grade silicone, it’s petal-thin and uses a revolutionary flat-fit design that sits just below the cervix. Ziggy Cup is so comfortable, it can’t be felt at all – no matter what you’re doing! Ziggy uses a hexagonal texture and leak-proof double rim for 12 hours of non-stop protection and is the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex…”

Another option I found is FLEX. A disposable menstrual disc that holds 5 tampons’ worth of fluid and will last you up to 12 hours. And they can stay inside you during sex. It sure helps that the box is so darn pretty!

Wow. I for one would love to get my dirty fingers on one of these to try next time I’m in the mood for bloody sex. It would be interesting to see if my man can feel them at all and if it really keeps everything mess-free.