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This article was originally written by me in Swedish for Happy Green Magazine. If you prefer reading it in Swedish click here

Organic skin care is good for the entire body, including your intimate area. Lip Organic Intimate Care creates natural products that add moisture, prevent infections and nurture your skin after shaving.

These Swedish-made oils are vegan and 94% organic to give you the best possible after-shave care. An old well-known tip against yeast infections is to use oil, and overall it’s a good idea to avoid soap in the genital area anyway as it can irritate and create imbalance rather than do you any good.

I’ve tested a shaving oil with mint and ylang ylang. The product provides a close and smooth shave whilst keeping the skin protected by preventing red spots and cuts. The oil has a faint smell of mint, and it cools the skin in a pleasant way. I usually don’t use any product at all when shaving, but I experienced an improvement in how moisturized and soft my skin felt after using the oil.

An oil that will do you good in both the bed – and bathroom
I also tested a washing oil with sea buckthorn and fragonia that can be used daily instead of soap. Lip Organic Intimate Care also makes one with oats and cotton flower.

Buckthorn keeps your private bits moisturized and healthy while fragonia prevent infections. The oil can also be used after shaving or waxing to prevent red spots and ingrown hairs. Just make sure you’re not getting the oils mixed up; this one will clog your razor!
After use, the skin feels moisturized for a relatively long time. You’ll get the best result by applying the oil when you have time to stroll around naked for a while so that the skin can absorb the product and its good properties before it comes in contact with any underwear.

Since this product is designed to do good for your lady parts, as well as being oil-based, it also works as a lubricant. However, be aware that oil-based products can destroy latex condoms, so avoid using the oil during sex if you use protection that might be affected.

Overall, I’m happy with these nicely designed products that now have a given place in both my bed – and bathroom.