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I got this pink rabbit thruster and my hopes were high! I had never tried a thruster before and kept my fingers crossed that it would give me a good time, a wild ride and a wet finish. 


These are my thoughts on the Ravishing Rabbit Thruster from Adam & Eve.

On paper it seemed good; seven-speeds to choose from. Made from body-safe silicone. And with a powerful clitoral stimulator on top of the fact that this rabbit thrust and rotates simultaneously whilst penetrating you.

The first time I tried the toy it somehow ended up getting stuck in itself when pumping up and down. I had to untangle it to make it move again, and even if the rabbit thruster looked powerful when holding it, it was a whole other story when I put it inside me. The thrusts got slow and the rabbit didn’t seem to have enough power to actually move with speed.

However, I wanted to give the rabbit a second chance so for my next date with it I I used a ton of lube! This helped a great deal, and the rabbit now moved better inside me. But even at it’s highest speed, it was too weak for my liking. With the help of porn, I managed to orgasm, but mainly due to the little clitoral stimulation who admittedly is very strong and feels great.

Since the toy is waterproof I gave it a third chance in the bath. It didn’t do much for me since lube is essential for this toy to function, and that tends to not hang around for long in water (or is it just me?)  – I mean, if anyone can recommend a lube that I won’t have to re-apply all the time in the tub, send me an email!

I sure haven’t given up on thrusters altogether; this was my first encounter with one, and I hope I get to try more. I´m longing for the day a machine can give me a hard fuck, and I was sad that this pink rabbit wasn’t the one.

However, I do appreciate that a lot of you might prefer something softer so I will say that when using a lot of lube it worked the way it was intended, and it will stimulate both your clit and G-spot. The rotating beads in the tip of the toy feel nice inside you, and if you prefer your toys to go easy on you this might just be the one.