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I feel like I’ve always been into it. I had the outfits but no one to play with.
I would dress up for partners and lovers, but never get the reaction I wanted. And there is nothing worse than being stood there in a French maid outfit pretending to clean whilst bent over in some awkward position with my bare ass in the air, only to have the other person being all nervous or put off.

Like, I shaved my entire body, and squeezed myself into this outfit, and even did my hair and makeup accordingly and you’re now being all weird about it? Perfect.
And IF there is something more unsettling than that, it would be having to undress and put on like a ”normal” outfit and go watch a film and pretend that little hiccup never happened.

Anyway, my boyfriend turned this sad story around for me. He just blurted out one day that he would like me to be wearing something sexy when he came home from work.
I probably overdid it like some American teenager turning 16, but we had a lot of fun with it, and nowadays my favourite window-shopping situation online is for slutty versions of pretty much every job that comes with a uniform.

I think outfits are a great way to spice things up. If you feel sexy wearing something then it shows. I do understand that if the outfit comes with a character then it can make some people feel awkward but I would definitely suggest giving it a go. You might feel more comfortable asking this ’stranger’ something you have wanted to try but not yet had a chance.

Having a naughty little secret brings lovers closer together and so if you can start flirting outside by wearing something that is part of a role play game or do something that is going to wind you both up then I highly recommend it. It doesn’t have to be bold or put you at risk of being embarrassed, it can be something as subtle as ’forgetting your underwear’ or introducing a little code to let the other one know you are feeling horny, maybe even calling each other by a different name? It makes the build-up part of the sexual experience rather than just getting-it-on when you get home

I also rock a little selection of jewellery such as beautiful golden chokers, handcuffs and leads. All in the most beautiful and delicate design so you can take your games out and about. A great brand is Bijoux Indiscrets and here is a list of a few of my favourite things:

Tickler pendant

Chain handcuffs

Cat ears

Vegan choker

This is actually my favourite game to play; wearing a nice dress, and spend a night out with friends whilst wearing one of these pieces. Not everyone will notice, and if they do its a fun thing to talk about. That in itself is good foreplay without even being touched!

In the bedroom, you can go full-on split personality with your outfits. Create a name and a little background story for your sexy nun, nurse or whoever you might have become. This is also the perfect situation to introduce some new stuff you want to try; just blame it on the slutty woman/man who seduced your lover when you were out.

Do you want to wear it? Put it on!
Do you want your partner to wear it? Buy it and tell them they would look fucking sexy in it!