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There are so many toys on the market that can really help you reach and stimulate that hotspot inside you. I’ve listed a few favourites and some tips on how to find your G-spot. 

Before you get started on toys it’s smart to do some exploring with your fingers.

In order to locate your G-spot, it really helps if you’re aroused. This will make it more protrude and sensitive, and therefore easier to feel.

Your G-spot is located 1-3 inches inside your body and has a slightly ridged texture that feels a bit different from the rest of your vagina. For solo play with fingers, the easiest way to find your G-spot is by lying on your back and put a pillow under your bum. This shortens your vaginal canal making it easier to reach. Insert one or two fingers and lift them upwards toward your belly button.

When you have found the spot try stroking it, circle it, or make a “come here” type gestures with two fingers inside you. A lot of women prefer harder pounding on this area and that’s when toys become a great asset.

Usually, toys for G-spot stimulation have a bulbous curved tip or comes in a slightly curved shape, Some are rock hard, made of steel or glass to really add pressure to the spot. Others are softer and made of silicone. Another good way to really stimulate your G-spot with a toy is to find one with strong vibrations. Press the toy against your vaginas front wall and try different techniques.

If you´re having sex with a man two great positions for G-soot stimulation are doggie-style and cowgirl. Take control over the rhythm, depth, and angle of penetration so you can focus on finding and stimulating your G-spot.

If you’re into pressure:

I would recommend a toy made of glass or stainless steel. They are heavy, easy to clean and works wonders for prostate stimulation as well. They also hold temperatures very well so that you can play with sensations by putting it in hot or cold water before use. I LOVE heavy toys, they make for great stimulation with little movement, and can really give you that needed pressure. This curved double-ended beauty called Pure Wand from Njoy is a well-known favourite.

A beaded glass dildo will add another great sensation when inserting it, and moving it around inside you. And nope, it will not break!  Just like the metal one, you can heat it up, or cool it down as you please. Oh, and another fun way of playing with hot and cold is to simply put your tube of lube in water that has your desired temperature. This dildo is from Lovehoney.

Wood is fun! Perhaps you’ve read my review of a wooden dildo?

Just like the steel and glass option, you can use any lube you like with this toy, and If you prefer something less heavy then a wooden option might float your boat since it much more lightweight. This lovely S-shaped toy from NobEssence is designed to stimulate your hotspot with a silky smooth finish, and it’s complete body-safe and non-toxic. Also, this toy has more girth throughout the shaft to make it feel bigger.

If you’re into vibrations:

I’ve tried a few different vibrators design to stimulate my G-spot and when it comes to vibrations I like them strong! Even if you normally like softer toys on your clitoris, I would say that It’s a good choice to go for something a little heavier when it comes to your G-spot. You might have read my opinion on the Smile Makers toy called Tennis coach and how it was too soft for me, and if you think you would want something stronger I would recommend  Velve Gaia G-spot vibrator – a toy from Sinful that I’m really enjoying at the moment.