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Let’s talk about buttplugs. I´m wearing one right now, ha!

These toys come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Some with diamonds or fuzzy tails, some with vibrations. It can be a lot of fun exploring them alone or with your lover, and they can be used in so many ways!

Before you start though:

Make sure to buy a toy designed for anal play, and not something else. This might seem obvious to you, but the amount of people having various objects removed from their anal every year is huge! Buttplugs are designed not to disappear inside you. A deodorant is not.

Use lube! It’s not supposed to be painful – it’s supposed to feel good! Lube is your best friend here since your anal doesn’t lubricant by itself.

Warm up! Feeling a bit tense? Start carefully with a finger inside you before introducing your buttplug.

I got into buttplugs by dating men who wanted to get into my butt. Watching your lover inserting and/or wearing a buttplug can be a huge turn-on for some. My first buttplug was given to me. It was used during foreplay to really get him going and sometimes during sex. This is where it gets interesting for me; wearing a buttplug whilst having sex feels amazing. Dubble penetration is nice!

When I felt ready to get my dirty hands on some more exciting buttplugs I bought some beautiful gold plated steel ones from Dianne S. They come in a package of two sizes where I prefer the bigger one. They are very heavy compared to silicone which makes you more aware of them, and for me, that’s a good thing. I got mine at Mshop in Gothenburg, but they can be bought at the brand webshop too.

I can really recommend buying a heavier one if you want to wear it out and about. I like walking the dog or cleaning whilst wearing mine. Or putting it in before going out for dinner. It’s fun feeling a little bit naughty and like you’re doing forbidden stuff. And it’s very hot!

If you haven´t tried one before I recommend starting out with a small version, and when you feel relaxed wearing it you can up the sizes. If you’re really into the feeling of stimulation your anal a vibrating buttplug can make you fall in love with the toy all over again since it brings a whole new sensation. Some people find it easier to start out with a vibration version; it can help you relax more.

Have fun with it! Use your buttplug when masturbating or using other toys, when going out dancing (no it won’t fall out) or when having sex with someone.

For more read on anal play see my post on anal beads and prostate massage.