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Firstly it’s important to find the right muscles before you start exercising. Many people use the wrong muscles by tightening their thighs and buttocks.
To find the right muscles, lie on your back with spread and bent legs in a straight angle. Relax your back, buttocks, legs and belly.
Squeeze the muscle around the rectum. If you have a pussy you then squeeze forward, upwards, around the vagina. If you have a cock you squeeze upwards against the scrotum and penis. It feels roughly as to when you need a wee and is keeping it in. Continue to pinch upwards for a few seconds. Repeat.

Simple Test – am I using the right muscles?
To find the pelvic floor muscles you can try to “cut off” the wee for a short while as you’re peeing. Feel those muscles? Those are the ones you need to exercise! Do not use it as a training method though; it may interfere with the reflexive emptying of the bladder. If you have a pussy you can also put a finger inside you and see if you can feel the muscles tightening when doing your kegels.

It can be a good idea to do your kegels lying down to make sure that the right muscles are working.
1. Squeeze hard for five-six seconds.
2. Rest for at least as long.
3. Repeat.

Initially, the exercise can be repeated a few times. The more you practice the more reps you can do, up to about ten in a row. To prevent urinary leakage, you need to do your exercises twice a day. People who already have difficulties with this should do their exercises four times per day.

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