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Get high on sex. Calm down, unlike THC, the CBD, short for cannabidiol, found in hemp is non-psychoactive – which means you won’t get high. It’s now trending all over and can be found in all sorts of skin products, makeup, hair care products, foods and more. I’ve been looking into two brands that sell CBD products to help improve your sex life.

Cannabidiol is being used as a treatment for everything from muscle relief to insomnia. In skin care, it’s said to smooth wrinkles and do wonders for dry skin. CBD is anti-inflammatory and can be helpful for conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. But it can also do great things for your body when it comes to sex. I have selected two brands since they make their products for women, by women. They are able to answer all my questions on their websites and they create beautiful products that can help women all over the world enjoy better sex.

First, we have the brand Privy Peach founded by Kim Koehler. On the website, she shares her story of how she started her mission to help women by creating a lube specifically for people with sensitivities and pain during sex.

Koehler suffered from severe pelvic pain during sex for many years herself and wanted to create an intimate oil that could not only increase circulation, but also provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Her products are free from psychoactive effects, they won’t numb you; just help you relax.

Check out her Between the Sheets line with sexy products that can help stimulate your body’s own lubrication, increase circulation, and alleviate any present discomfort.

Other than the lovely lubes Privy Peach also stocks bath bombs, lipgloss, a hair growth mask and some skin care products that sounds just wonderful! And candy! The watermelon gummiez with CBD are now on my wishlist for Christmas!

Let’s also talk a little about the brand Foria and their intimate massage oil Awaken.
It has a coconut oil base and contains 8 aphrodisiacs, one of them being Kava Kava Root; a vasodilator that works to bring blood to the surface, making it effective in increasing arousal when applied to the clitoris. Awaken is said to increase natural lubrication, heighten sensation and accelerates orgasm.

The oil is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream and will take full effect in about 20 minutes after application. It’s made from all-natural ingredients. It’s vegan and gluten-free and completely edible.
Foria’s “Pre-Lube” formula will relax you and increase blood flow in intimate areas, allowing for enhanced sensation. It can help stimulate natural lubrication to relieve tension, discomfort and dryness.

I find this very interesting and I would love to hear from you if you know of other great brands like these, or if you would like to share your experience with any CBD lube.