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50 days of play in new underwear. Yes pleaseSinful have yet again spoiled me with a free gift to try. This time they let me pick my favourite styles from their new lingerie collection Nortie as well as sending me a rubber flogger and the sexy game Fifty days of play.

Let’s dive right into the card game designed to spice up your (sex) life. The rules of Fifty days of play are simple; roll a dice of five colours, and then pick a card of the colour you get. You and your partner then do whatever the card tells you to do. The white cards are sweet and innocent, and then the scenarios get hotter as the colour of the cards gets darker. The black cards are said to be kinky and erotic concepts for raunchy fun – yet I find them quite sweet like “pleasure yourself with a leather glove in front of your partner” or “introduce a toy in bed”. If you, like myself, have a billion toys next to your bed this isn’t quite the shocking effect I’m guessing the creators of the game was hoping for, but there are some fun concepts in there like “tie a scarf around his cock and balls and take control of it during sex whilst the knot itself rubs against your clitoris.” Fun!

I was never impressed with the Fifty shades of grey books (and I haven’t seen the films) and I do wish this game would dare to be a bit ruder. However, with that in mind, I still had a lot of fun playing with my partner. You can end up in some hilarious scenarios where your first card tells you to give your partner five kisses, and the next one tells you to slip a finger in their bottom whilst spanking them. Where did foreplay go? But we simply saved the sex ones for later if we felt that we were still in the middle of warming up. We also ended up throwing the game aside and having some really good sex instead, afterwards thinking “damn it, we were supposed to review this game!” But hey, the game is made in order to inspire more sex; missions accomplished!

I had never tried a game like this before. I guess I had this idea that I could come up with some fun stuff to do if things ever got too repetitive in bed. But I honestly think everyone could benefit from these 50 suggestions in order to laugh and love more together.

And if you really want to set the right mood for an evening of playing games, why not treat yourself to some sexy lingerie to go with the theme?

Don´t underestimate sexy lingerie to spice things up. I feel much sexier when I´m dressed in beautiful garments designed to make me look good. Before leaving my 9-5 office work five months ago I would also enjoy the occasional ”naughty day at work” where I wore stockings and beautiful underwear to feel better and sexier about myself. It can be a real boost having that little secret and a lot of fun sharing it with a partner by sending a cheeky picture or letting them know that you are dressed up and longing to see them. I totally get that there are those days where all you want to do is curl up on the sofa, eat pizza and watch films in jogging trousers and an old T-shirt, I do that too, but don´t let your entire wardrobe look like that! Invest in something that makes you feel sexy too.

I got to pick my favourite styles from Sinful’s new lingerie collection Nortie. The collection is feminine and sexy; all in black soft lace. At the moment Sinful is not shipping underwear to the UK, but all around Scandinavia, you can buy their collection. I chose three pieces, the first being a thong with open crotch and a string of pearls that stimulates your pussy when you are walking around. This is a great example of a piece to wear around the office to tease you and make you long for when you can see your lover again. Or wear it around the house when doing the dishes or out walking the dog. Having a naughty little secret like this is very exciting!

I also picked a pair of hipster knickers. These ones also have an open crotch and are beautifully designed so that the fabric overlaps in such a way that you can’t see that they are open. Great for easy access without “letting it all hang out” – and very comfortable.

My third choice was a see-through figure-hugging cami suspender. I like wearing pieces like this, but it can be difficult finding the right size. This one is supposed to be “one size fits all” and whilst you can adjust three straps on the back to make it the right size, the bust is still too large for me. Since it doesn’t have fitted cups as such it’s still OK, and it did the job when it came to getting my man in the mood.

Finally, to really ensure that I would have a fun time with this gift, Sinful included a rubber flogger.

I wasn’t sure about this one at first. It seemed a bit too plastic-fantastic for my liking, but the rubber strings actually felt nicer than expected, and for teasing and tickling it’s better than my leather flogger due to the soft silicone. And hey, due to the weight of the strings you can still go hard if that’s your style!

Overall, this was a wonderful treat for me and my partner. Even if you’re into wilder stuff than this game might suggest I would still recommend buying it only to get some new ideas. You can always add your own kinky twist to it. And if you like vanilla stuff normally it might be fun trying some new things. The main purpose of this is of course to inspire some hot sex – and that sure worked for me! Throw some new underwear and perhaps a flogger, or a blindfold into the mix and you have yourself many nights of sexy fun ‘n games to look forward to. Enjoy!