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I took a long break from this blog over Christmas to focus on stuffing my face with food, watch a whole lot of Netflix and spending time with family. But now I’m back and I thought a good start to the new year would be sharing some sexy New Year’s Resolutions for you and your partner to take on during 2019.

Oh, and with any resolutions you might make this year, I think it’s important to remember that if you fail at times; don’t be too hard on yourself!

So here is my guide to sexy New Year’s resolutions:

I will try new things

You might have something in mind already; a toy, a certain position, a sexy weekend away, a class to help you feel sexier or reading that book on Kama Sutra that’s been hiding in your bookshelf for too long? Go for it! It’s also a good thing to remember if your partner suggests something new. Try it, you might love it.

I will speak my mind 

Speak up about what you want. Your partner can’t make you feel good if they don’t know what you desire. Make this year about communication. Speak your mind as well as listen to your partner for even better sex.

I will make the time

If you or your partner are stressed remember that sex is so very helpful when it comes to making you feel more relaxed. Make time for each other to feel better about yourselves and your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a long full-on session; a good snog will put a smile on your face and make you able to face the stressful times easier.

I will show off my sexy side

You are beautiful and sexy. Show it! Greet your partner in the nude or in a sexy outfit when they get home from work.

I will share my fantasies

Talk to your partner about your wildest fantasies, and act them out. Fulfilling them together will make for many moments of new experiences together, fun memories and a stronger relationship. Once again; communication is hot!