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Why does it turn some people on, myself included, to be restricted or restrain someone else during sex? This fascinating power play can be explored in many different ways, and ball gags are one option.

If you like to be dominated this toy is a must-try according to me. You can no longer speak wich instantly puts you in a somewhat helpless position. Your mouth is forced open due to the ball which makes you drool. The humiliation of this can be fun to explore since it can change the dynamics between yourself and your lover.

Wearing a ball gag can also enhance other sensations which can make you more aware of your partner’s soft touch or spanking. For some, this can lead to a stronger orgasm. And for the dominant partner, you are now submitting to their control witch, of course, is a huge turn on for them.

Like most toys, ball gags come in different sizes and shapes. Most are made of plastic, silicone or rubber and are strapped around the back of your head to keep the ball in place. Silicone is my weapon of choice since it doesn’t have a smell to it, and I prefer to not mess too much with other senses whilst being restricted.

You can find ball gags with and without breathing holes. A ball that allows you to breathe through your mouth can be a good choice if you’re a beginner.  A larger ball gag with no holes, however,  will force you to breathe through your nose which can limit your oxygen intake and create a more intense orgasm.

Safety first

Remeber to always agree upon a safe word when trying rougher sex, BDSM, or any other kink. A simple one to remember is Green means “everything is fine” Yellow means “slow down” and Red means “stop!” These words must ALWAYS be respected when playing! When using ball gags it´s important to remember that the person wearing them is unable to speak, so agree upon signs rather than words. The sign can be tapping two times on the floor, ringing a bell or holding something in your hand throughout the playing session, and then drop it if you want to stop. This object should make a sound when being dropped.

Adding more to your play

If you feel comfortable with a ball gag you can take it further by going up in size or trying a different type. A bit gag, much like the ones used on horses will sometimes feature large O-rings which are great for attaching extra restricts to, such as a lead or nipple clamps. They are also great for pony play. You can also try a bondage hood to cover up your eyes and thereby further enhance your sense of touch. Have fun!