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This is said to be one of the best kegel tools on the market. Not only does it come with an easy-to-use app, but it tells you if you are doing your kegels wrong. So this sleek product is definitely worth looking into. Unfortunately, it is one of the more pricey products, BUT it’s so damn important to do your kegel exercise and therefore I recommend investing in one of these; who else is going to tell you if you’re squeezing wrong?

The app itself is simple and to the point. You put your Elvie inside you and connect it to your phone. Through a five minute ”work out” you’ve then done your kegels for the day. You can choose how often, and when you want your phone to remind you to do them.

Training your pelvic floor regularly can help you with urinary incontinence, prolapse and weakened muscles. AND it helps you control your orgasms better. Some people even find it easier to reach that big O.

The word ’fit’ gets a new meaning

I had looked forward to testing this product ever since I first heard about it. It struck me when doing these exercises before, that no one controlled whether I was doing them right. As you might be able to tell, I adore this product and it importantly taught me that squeezing down rather than up actually can cause problems in the long run.

Doing my kegels is now super easy; I can do them in bed or in the bath since Elvie is waterproof. I can do them standing up whilst doing my morning breathing exercise (joke! I’m not doing that, but YOU could) – I did feel a bit silly the first time, standing on the floor in my bedroom with my underwear by my ankles but the exercise itself takes your mind off it.

When doing your kegels on the app you control a small pink diamond floating above a landscape. You need to make this diamond go up, and stay there, or up and down in fast movements. For me, I straight away felt the need to ”win this shit” so the fact that I was naked waist down was soon forgotten. You get your results straight away and I enjoyed seeing how I was getting better and stronger. I hope that their next product will include some more fun games, I mean why not play Super Mario or drive a racing car with your lady parts. This is still a pretty awesome product that I feel all women should have.

Elvie is made out of medical grade silicone making it ideal for hygiene and comfort. An optional cover is included for those needing a tighter fit. It comes in a discreet case where you also charge the product via a micro USB cable.

Finally, I can say, without lying, that I was exercising when people ask me what I was up to at the weekend. They don’t have to know that I’m doing it whilst watching Vikings. The perfect workout session for us lazy ladies.