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Nomi Tang is the brand behind this fun shaped vibrator with the cocky name “Better than Chocolate Classic”. That is one bold statement! I remember buying a mascara named Better than sex – knowing that there is no such thing, and of course, it did not deliver an experience anywhere near the enjoyment of sex, but this vibrator however; it really could be better than chocolate!

“Better than Chocolate Classic” is super soft with both an artistic and ergonomic design that fits well in your hand and on your body. It has 8 vibration patterns and can be used for broad external stimulation as well as pinpointing your favourite hot-spots. Due to its shape, you can rest the tip on your clit and simply lay back. It has a modern, stylish and easy to use i-touch slider which enables you to adjust the intensity of the vibration without having to press any buttons. I haven’t seen a solution quite like it on any other toy. It allows me to simply slide my finger up and down the i-touch strip which makes masturbating so much smoother.

Whilst the “Better than Chocolate Classic” is waterproof up to one meter which means you can bring it into the bath with you, the function of the i-touch stops working when the toy gets wet. To help you enjoy your favourite setting in the bath, “Better than Chocolate Classic” can be locked before submerged. Hold your finger directly over the little Nomi Tang icon at the top of the i-touch panel for a few seconds to lock whatever setting you’ve chosen. When locked the blue light indicating the toy is on will turn red instead. To unlock, simply hold your finger over the icon again. This is a neat solution for anyone who likes bringing their sex toys into the bath. All seems fair and good with this function, the only slight downside is if you are using a lot of lube or have a particularly large amount of bodily fluids being sprayed around then this can also stop the slider control working.

I have tried it on my own with great success even if it’s not the number one quick-fix toy on the market. The vibrations are a bit muffled inside the toy, so I need to put some pressure on it using my hand, as well as keep adjusting the placement of the toy, but it definitely did the job well. What was even better however was using it whilst having sex with my partner. Sitting on top of him with the toy on his stomach, placed so it vibrated on my clit whilst riding him was great! We even cranked it up further by combining it with a vibrating cock ring. Even with some energetic movements, the toy stayed pretty much where I wanted it due to its shape.

To summarize 

99 times out of 100 I will choose an orgasm over some chocolate and this toy will most likely help you with that. It’s not a quick-fix toy, ideserves some time dedicated to it to be explored and fully enjoyed, but I didn’t find this in any way frustrating. The touchpad worked well for me when using “Better than Chocolate Classic” on my own, but you should be aware of the fact that you might experience some issues with it if the toy ends up too wet.

I like its shape and soft touch a lot. It is nice to have something different from the generic dildo/vibrator format. I can position it so that it sits perfectly on my clit, and I really love that I could use it with my partner to enjoy its vibrations whilst having sex. It’s rechargeable and will last you up to 4 hours depending on what setting you’re using. It’s also fairly quiet which is a plus.

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