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The electronics are on a ramp-up when it comes to sex. App-controlled toys and porn movies adapted for VR glasses. So I’ve tried a couples toy with an app called We-Vibe Sync.

The toy is small and neat. It’s shaped like a U where one end enters the woman to stimulate her G spot, while the other end is placed against her clitoris. A remote control allows you to smoothly change the vibration frequency and speed. It works great for using alone, but I did have a lot more fun using it with my partner. Having penetration sex I can still keep the toy inside me, and therefore myself and my partner can both enjoy some good vibrations. I do however feel, that he probably didn’t get as much from the vibrations as me whilst fucking, and maybe this toy would give him more pleasure if he was using it alone?

Be creative when using it
Since the toys bend better than a gymnast you can choose to use it in many different ways. Try prostate stimulation or putting one end in your mouth whilst giving oral sex. Or wearing it under a strap-on-harness for extra stimulation. Be creative!
We-Vibe Sync is also waterproof which allows you to have some sexy time in the shower, the pool, a lake or whatever you are into. If you don’t have your lover nearby, the app comes in handy: your partner can use their phone to control the toy when it’s inside you. We tried this in a restaurant and had a lot of fun. Trying to order food whilst vibrating under the table was interesting!

The app is super easy to use and came in handy since the remote control didn’t seem to work if we didn’t keep it very close to the toy (even though We-Vibe claims it should work up to a distance of 3 meters). I can see how the remote can be easier to use when having sex rather than having to go via your phone, so it was a shame it failed us. For such an expansive toy it should work fine. BUT, we did have a lot of fun using it! I’ve also used it to get some attention, as in sending him an invite to the app when he’s away so that he can keep me satisfied whilst being in some boring meeting. Great foreplay!

The app also comes with neat functions such as letting the toy vibrate in line with your favourite music. Perfect if you’re going to a festival this summer! Dance yourself to an orgasm on your own or dance through a good foreplay session before you sneak into a tent.

The toy is made of body-safe silicone. It’s USB rechargeable via its case that’s also a discreet storage, great for travels.