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Wands are amazing! I don’t understand why it’s so damn difficult for other toys to possess the same intense vibrations, but apparently, it often is. My latest wand is from Paloqueth; and just like my previous two, it has quickly become a favourite.

The cordless wand massager is large with a sleek design. It comes with 3 speeds and 5 vibration patterns and it runs up to 4 hours on a single charge which is pretty damn good!

Wands, according to me, are for when you reached the highest speed on your softer toys and are ready to bring out the big guns. It’s for when you crave that earth-shattering feeling of “I might just explode” that can be difficult, but oh so wonderful to handle. My first experience with a wand completely blew my mind, and since I’ve been chasing the same “high” in other toys.

Overall design

I really enjoy the simplicity in it’s the elegant and modern look. The head is large and flexible to really stimulate you. It’s pretty lightweight which is good if you have weak wrists. The only thing is that the buttons are actually a bit too shallow and therefore a little hard to press.

I’m a huge fan of the Doxy wand, and therefore I do not mind the size of this product. It might not be the toy you throw into your hand luggage for a weekend away, but the sheer power it possesses makes up for any inconvenience you might experience with its size. My boyfriend had an opinion about it being in his way when trying to use it on my clit whilst inside me, but honestly, I wasn’t really paying attention to him since I was busy enjoying my toy. Finally, something that packs the vibration-power I’ve been craving!

This toy came to play. It big, bold and it knows how to rock your world.

Final thoughts

I love this wand. Sure, it doesn’t come with attachments or a bunch of special features, but it has completely seduced me with its simplicity and the fact that it does exactly what I want from a toy; it gets me off. Hard.

It’s not the sexiest or cool looking product, but wands are not. And compared to other similar products the prize is great. And most importantly; it will satisfy you, over and over again.

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