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Have you tried a buttplug? Did you like it? How about anal beads?
For me, the best thing about buttplugs is the sensation of having penetration sex whilst wearing one. It heightens the sense in my pussy somewhat, and I know it’s a huge turn-on for my partner and therefore makes it sexy for me also. Anal beads are in some way similar to a buttplug, but rather than keeping them inside you, you want to remove them just before, or when you orgasm. The big sensation lays within the removal of them.

Using them on your own or with a lover gives an extra boost to your sex life.

Before you start playing around with the various sizes and shapes of anal beads remember a few things:
Just like buttplugs you want to make sure they have a ”stop” – a loop or handle at the end so they won’t disappear inside you!

You want to use lube since the anal doesn’t lubricate by itself. The thickness of an anal lube is better; it sticks to the toys longer and therefore you don’t have to apply as often.

When it comes to choosing your first set of anal beads it’s better to start out smaller if you haven’t tried them before, and from there you can work your way up the sizes.
You want to make sure the toy is easy to clean! Glass toys are a good choice, and many people like the weight of them. You can also use a condom with your beads to keep them clean and make them easier to insert.

As with buttplugs, you can get vibrating versions to add extra spice to the experience. The vibration can also be good if you have a hard time relaxing, and therefore making penetration easier.


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