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If you’re a man and you haven’t tried anal play yet, it’s time to get started! Not only does it feel amazing, but it’s actually really good for you!

The p-spot, which is the male prostate gland, is considered to be comparable to a woman’s g-spot and can give you the most amazing orgasms. The p-spot is located approximately 5 cm into the anal, just below the bladder. It is usually compared to a walnut; both in size and the feel of its surface.

The prostate is a gland that produces fluid to protect and nourish the sperm. When certain cells in the prostate are reproduced more quickly than usual, a tumour develops causing prostate cancer.

Massaging the p-spot and reaching climax it’s completely different to what you usually get through penetrating sex for example. It is perceived as more intensive and long-lasting and produces more cum when you climax. Why? Because as you finish, you also empty the prostate of its fluid. Although ejaculation also squeezes fluids out of the prostate, it might not be strong enough to do the job if anything is trapped, so massaging the prostate can be more effective. So by continuously emptying the gland, you clean it from cells that can be harmful.

So get going and explore the fun and sexy ways of including anal play in your sex life. A finger or a toy designed for anal stimulation. Or perhaps try pegging? It’s fun, it’s hot and it’s healthy!

How do I massage the prostate?

1. Make sure to use lube!

2. Warm up the muscles around the anal by massaging with your fingers. Foreplay is key when having sex, and especially if you feel a bit nervous and tense. Take it slow and explore the sensation of carefully touching the opening of your anal.

3. Insert a finger or a toy about 5 cm into the anal. Target the navel. Take it slow.

4. Once you’ve found the right spot you can experiment with different pressures and movements. A vibration toy can come in handy! Now relax and enjoy.

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