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This is the story about a blonde Swedish girl enjoying sex. The Swedish sin personalized if you will.

This page is all about toy reviews, sexy tips and learning new moves. I’m aiming to please you all.

Pic by Anna Osk

Coming from a work background much like a pick-n-mix situation, I cannot brag about years in college studying sex and relationships. What I did study though is journalism. And art. And then I worked at an advertising agency where I helped create a magazine that put me in a position to write about sex.

I moved to Brighton for love and so this site was created on the international women’s day 2018 to provide me with a space for doing what I enjoy most; learning new things and writing about them.
When talking to people about sex I often felt like the subject was taboo. And I often had so many questions of my own. This space is therefore for us all to learn more, in a non-bullshit way.

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Dirt & Delight is the sister site and quite the opposite to Clean & Bright; my blog filled with beauty and health. Read that one here