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I recently re-connected with a device that had been hiding under the bed for months. I’ve started running a few days a week since me and my partner agreed to a healthy month with better food, no alcohol, and exercise on a daily basis (urgh!) – and I read somewhere that if you stop working out you’ll straight away start losing the progress you’ve built up. Such a depressing fact. And obviously, it’s the same when it comes to your pelvic floor. You can’t stop doing your Kegels and expect your muscles to stay strong. So here I go again. 

I have previously written about the kegel device Elvie that tells you if you’re doing your Kegels correct or not which is very clever indeed. This time, however, I want to talk about another toy that I own, but put away under the bed due to it being so damn ugly and bulky. I’m talking about the Intensity by Pour Moi.

It wasn’t as bad as I remembered it when I took it out and put it inside me, however, I do find it a bit wonky with its pump and ”special lube” – oh I mean InControl Medical Conductive Gel that you apparently have to use rather than just any old lube you have around. But let’s talk about the benefits of the Intensity and what it actually does.

So, a strong pelvic floor leads to stronger vaginal muscles, which can lead to stronger orgasms. It can also help with urinary incontinence, which is why the device was created in the first place.

It does your Kegels for you.

It looks somewhat like a rabbit vibrator with a wide bulky handle. It has a pump that allows the toy to get bigger with each pump to customize the fit of the Intensity to your pussy. On the shaft, there are two stainless steel pads. These are the muscle stimulators and come into direct contact with your pelvic floor muscles. When using the intensity these pads conduct a slight electro-stimulation to contract and release your PC muscles and thereby does your kegel exercises for you. So you can just lay back for 10 minutes and get fit. It’s like one of those TV-shop things you put around your waist to get abs or whatever, only this thing actually works. 

To make your workout more pleasurable the intensity also comes with a G-spot vibrator just at the base of the shaft, and a small rabbit vibrator to stimulate your clit. The rabbit is a bit too small and weak for my liking. There are 5 intensity levels of vibration, and 10 levels of kegel stimulation. I recommend starting out on level one and increase slowly since the muscle contraction actually can be painful if you jam it up to high.

Like any workout, I find it boring after a few days to push myself into doing my Kegels. Sure it helps that this device comes with vibrations, but it’s far from the best sex toy I’ve ever used and therefore I find it easier to use one of my better ones first to get started before I slide the Intensity inside me. It’s also a bit off-putting how medical it gets having to use the special lube (I still don’t get that?) and pump up the device inside me, but since I’m also a lazy lady I do appreciate the fact that I can lay back and let it do the work for me. You can actually feel your PC muscles contracting around the shaft. I wouldn’t say it’s pleasurable as such, but fun in a way.

Final thoughts

This is a damn expensive product, and if you are able to stick to your exercise with an Elvie for example, I think you should save your money and skip this one. But if you are as lazy as me, or crave fast results, then the Intensity could be a good solution for you. They also make a version without the rabbit and G-spot vibrator called the Apex that is a little cheaper but will give you the same benefits. You can always finish your session with your favourite toy afterwards.