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I was sent a lovely package from Sinful with toys to try out and review. I must say I’ve had a really nice time trying these products by myself and with my man, and I hope this will inspire you to treat yourself to some new bits for playtime.

Sinful Silicone Anal Beads Long

This lovely string of anal pleasure is so much fun! You can insert a whopping 23 cm. It’s made from 100% body safe silicone and has five beads on it, the widest one with a diameter of 2.8 cm.

What is this thing?

You insert the beads into your anus. This in itself can feel amazing once you relax. The point of the beads, however, is that you pull them out as you orgasm. This can increase the intensity of your orgasm if done correctly.
When I first started playing with anal toys I could not relax at all, so the whole thing just ruined my orgasm rather than strengthen it. But if you are willing to try again, and perhaps use different toys then I’m sure you can find a way to enjoy anal play. Your butt has a lot of nerve endings that can be stimulated and feel great for anyone, so go slow and have fun! And use lube my friends! A lot of it!

Make sure to be relaxed and horny when inserting the beads, masturbating whilst doing so can help. And take it slow. You don’t have to go all the way, stop whenever it feels good, that is the beauty of these beads. When reaching climax and pulling them out, play with how you do it, pull ing them out at different speeds and angles can make all the difference, giving you various sensation. Find the one that makes you feel like you are going to explode!

Read this for more info on anal beads


Sinful Rechargeable Mini Magic Wand

Ok, so I LOVE my full size (big ass) wand and wasn’t sure if this little guy was gonna be able to do the job, but boy was I wrong! This mini wand has a strong motor on it! With 10 vibration settings and 8 speeds to choose from I’m feeling pretty damn confident saying that it WILL satisfy you. It did the job for me in just a few minutes when using it on my own.

It’s easy to travel with due to its 20 cm size and neat weight of only 170 grams. I’ve spent some quality time with this on my own, as well as invited it into a threesome with my man, and let me tell you, the size of this toy makes it so much easier to tickle his cock and balls than with it’s full-size cousin.

The mini wand is made from medical silicone, it’s 100% body safe and rechargeable. And it comes with a USB cable charger. A three-hour charge gives you two hours of playtime. I am not sure about these numbers yet though, it ran out of battery pretty quickly according to me, and I couldn’t use it whilst charging. Just make sure to put it on charge every time you’ve used (and cleaned) it. Having a toy die on you mid-masturbation is the worst!

This wand is pretty loud! Surprisingly so actually. If you live in a shared house you might wanna sneak your toys into the shower for people not to hear, although saying that, this toy is not completely waterproof. This is a real shame and does let the product down slightly. However, overall, especially if a louder type toy isn’t an issue for you, this mini wand is great!

I also tried two accessories for the wand.

The rabbit and the anal toy. I had never tried these types of attachment before so I was very excited. It’s a great idea to be able to upgrade your wand to something else. I now have three toys in one!

The rabbit attachment is perfect. I prefer my wand like this. The neat silicone device stimulates you internally whilst the little ”tongue” vibrates on your clitoris with great pleasure. This accessory is also great if you have a penis since it can tickle your cock and balls at the same time. Everyone’s a winner!

The anal accessory is a lovely fun little addition to my collection of anal toys. Personally, I would prefer a little more width (the diameter is 2.5 cm on the widest part) but the fact that you can choose from different vibrations and speeds makes it so much fun!

The silicone plug is designed to stimulate his P-point so if you wanna treat yourself or a man to some good vibrations and a great orgasm, this toy is for you. Oh, and remember the lube!