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So I got my dirty little hands on a Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation, and let me tell you; this product SUCKS!

I mean literally, it sucks on your clit like no other.

With air pulse technology your clit is being ”sucked” and filled with blood creating a vacuum feeling much like oral sex.

This little guy does the job rhythmic, with added vibrations around the nozzle to give you the best experience.

Before we dive deeper into my thoughts on his work so to speak, let’s talk a little about how darn cute he is! The penguin is dressed for success in his black tuxedo and pink bow tie. And he is so small and neat. He sits comfortably in your hand and placed between your thighs, you can use the penguin hands-free!

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation is made of skin-friendly silicone which is compatible with water-based lubricants. He is quiet which we talked about before, is great if you live in a shared house and he comes with eleven different setting. The package includes a USB magnetic charging cable.

AND he is waterproof. You want to try him in the bath; it feels slightly different, and somewhat like a jacuzzi jet in your private pussy area (Belinda Blinked reference)  – which makes for a new fun experience.

The silicone tip can easily be removed for cleaning, and if you were to drop it down the drain (god forbid) you can buy a new attachment from satisfyer

With all of my toys, I find that I’m able to climax faster on my own than with my partner. Sure it’s more fun and sexy using them with my boyfriend, but paying attention to someone else adds a few more minutes before I can orgasm.

I normally prefer strong vibrations, but the satisfier is another experience altogether, and it does the job over and over again.

I’ve read that many people can’t really handle the highest settings, but for me, it’s essential in order to orgasm. The unique tingly pulsation you get from a toy like this can be too weak for me, and I was never much for tickling and teasing – I like it hard and rough! If you, however, are into the softer things, this little gut does a neat job sucking on your nipples as well.

All in all the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation gives you great value for your money and he is most likely to make you climax!